Developing clinicians’ professional and personal skills

Today’s doctors must constantly reflect on their practice and demonstrate they are keeping up-to-date and are fit to practice. Meanwhile, employers and contractors are responsible for ensuring clinicians are practising safely and meeting professional standards.

As specialists in professional development in healthcare, MJ Roddis Associates provides a range of opportunities for doctors to cultivate their non-clinical skills, from structured programmes and coaching to stand-alone workshops.

Leadership development

We develop and deliver structured programmes which nurture the leadership potential of senior clinicians and increase their understanding of the challenging strategic and operational decisions facing your organisation.

After acquiring a clear understanding of your organisation, we will design a 12-18 month programme which builds important leadership skills such as effective communication, inspiring staff and managing change. Throughout the programme, we emphasise the value of moral leadership in healthcare as we encourage doctors to accept greater responsibility for decision-making, contend with the real-life issues with implications for patient care and cooperate with each other to solve problems.

By the end, your organisation will benefit from greater clinician engagement, while the doctors themselves will have developed professional skills which they can apply in their current role and as they advance in their career.


We provide one-to-one coaching for doctors who are experiencing difficulties in their career, helping them to understand what motivates them and make the changes that will help them progress.


In partnership with the Medical Defence Union, the UK’s leading medical defence organisation, we run a series of one-day workshops which focus on improving essential non-clinical skills such as communication; developing their understanding of professionalism and ethical decision-making; and helping doctors prepare for important landmarks in their career, such as their first consultant post. Click here for more information on course content, availability and booking.

In association with our partners Pitch to Perfection Ltd, we offer bespoke communication skills courses to Trusts and other healthcare providers in which we employ actors, video and feedback exercises to challenge participants and stimulate discussion.


Very good to improve communication skills. Everyone needs to attend this course.

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Very valuable learning experience.

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