Conducting case investigations and providing support throughout disciplinary hearings

Poor performance and inappropriate behaviour compromise the quality of the care you are able to offer patients and can be extremely disruptive.

Concerns about senior clinicians must be properly investigated if your organisation is to retain public confidence. At the same time, the procedure must be fair, balanced and transparent to ensure the outcome is credible and not open to legal challenge.

Dr Michael Roddis has been carrying out investigations in the health sector since 2008, looking into a range of cases, from allegations of dishonesty or bullying to concerns about a clinician’s attitude or performance. He and his team of investigators, Suzanne Shale and Claire McLaughlan have extensive experience of the process set out in Maintaining High Professional Standards in the Modern NHS and can therefore ensure your investigation meets national standards. We can also advise you about the format and structure of your investigation procedures, and provide training and development for your clinical managers.

Whether you operate in the NHS or independent sector, you can rely on us to carry out a thorough investigation within an agreed timescale. This includes conducting interviews and obtaining witness statements with sensitivity and thoroughly reviewing the evidence. And when the investigation is concluded, we produce a detailed report, setting out our findings and conclusions and making practical recommendations to help you resolve the issues we have raised. We can also provide clinical advisors to support investigators and liaise with NCAS if required.

Investigations and disciplinary procedures can be an intensely stressful time for everyone involved. However, by guiding you through the process and ensuring individuals have access to the support they need; our experts can help ensure the outcome is the best possible for your patients, your staff and your reputation.


Dr Mike Roddis provided us with an exemplary case investigation report. He distilled the complex issues of capability and performance, gave us clear recommendations and provided us with a way forward with the consultant concerned, which led to a satisfactory outcome for the Trust. His report was comprehensive and well balanced. The investigation itself was conducted with care and sensitivity and with due consideration for the complex procedural issues in following the national framework.

Human Resources Director, Tertiary Trust