Mediating in disputes and helping clinicians to address fitness to practise concerns

Taking swift action to tackle problems increases your chances of finding an effective solution. Whether it is resolving conflict between healthcare professionals or responding to conduct or capability concerns about a particular doctor, we can help you address these challenges and rebuild trust.


Workplace disputes can easily affect patient care, as well as making life uncomfortable for everyone else. Mediation is a type of voluntary alternative dispute resolution which allows both sides to discuss their problems in a confidential and non-judgmental setting. It re-establishes lines of communication, ensuring each side has their say and then agrees an acceptable way forward.

Our trained and impartial mediators, Dr David Milligan, Dr Suzanne Shale and Mike Hill have a track record of resolving seemingly intractable disagreements and restoring working relationships, even helping to pre-empt formal grievance or disciplinary procedures. They are also available for an informal discussion about the possibilities of mediation for specific situations.

Remediation for doctors

In partnership with Claire McLaughlan, a former Associate Director of the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS), we offer a range of remediation support services to help your organisation meet its obligations as a designated body.

We work with responsible officers to implement effective appraisal, professional development and remediation procedures and provide bespoke training for appraisers. If there are concerns about a doctor we will devise a suitable remediation programme, including behavioural coaching if appropriate.

And should the worst happen, we offer support for doctors who have been involved in adverse incidents which have caused harm to patients. Our restorative review service was developed by Dr Suzanne Shale to help doctors reflect on what went wrong and how they can best respond.


I have greatly benefited from Mike’s wide range of clinical, managerial and executive expertise, all of which contributed to my improving performance.

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