Dr Suzanne Shale

Dr Suzanne Shale works as an independent consultant in the fields of healthcare ethics, patient safety, and user experience. During 2013 Suzanne chaired the ‘Surgical Never Events Task Force’ on behalf of NHS England, and in 2014 was appointed Ethics Advisor to the NHS England Patient Safety Steering Group. Her research and consultancy activities draw on her career as a leading legal scholar, expertise in organisational development and conflict resolution, experience as a patient representative, and research into restoring trust between patients and professionals following care harm. She presents lectures and masterclasses on trust, disclosure and patient safety throughout the UK, Australia and Japan.

She is currently a Trustee of the charity Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA), a Supernumerary Fellow of Harris Manchester College Oxford, and an Ethox Research Associate. She is the sole author of Moral Leadership in Medicine: Building Ethical Healthcare Organizations (Cambridge University Press 2012). You can read more about her work on her website www.clearer-thinking.co.uk