This is how MJ Roddis Associates can help you:


  • Our expert investigators can provide NHS trusts with effective case investigations, and guide you through subsequent hearings in cases of alleged poor conduct and poor capability.
  • We can also help independent providers decide whether practising privileges should be withdrawn or suspended and guide you through the decisions about reporting to the regulators.


  • We can provide clinical management system review, particularly in helping you reach the right balance between the conflicting moral tensions with which your clinical leaders are coping and help you develop appropriate revalidation strategies for your clinicians.
  • We can provide clinical service reviews to ensure they are efficient and fit for purpose.
  • We can analyse individual clinical performance to help doctors produce appropriate development programmes to ensure they are revalidated.


  • We can provide bespoke personal development programmes for your clinicians to help them improve communication, team working and other interpersonal skills.
  • We can provide revalidation support packages for doctors who have identified through appraisal a need to improve before revalidation. This can include behavioural coaching.
  • We also provide remediation support packages for those doctors whose performance is identified as weak.
  • Finally we can provide your clinical leaders with leadership development support through bespoke development programmes and coaching for improvement.