Investigation, Analysis and Intervention in Healthcare Performance

From our perspective as senior doctors with over 30 years service in the NHS we have seen the problems associated with doctors and other clinicians labelled as difficult by those around them.

Poor and unacceptable behaviour does not develop overnight and is often linked to many causes. We have ourselves witnessed in others the flame of clinicians’ good performance gutter and finally become extinguished. That’s why we are dedicated to helping doctors and others improve their performance, modify their behaviour and plan their futures.

We also believe that for every difficult clinician there is an employing organisation that needs to do more to improve its staff; change its culture and remove the root causes of poor behaviour, in order to ensure fresh problem people do not emerge from amongst its staff.

We provide personal and organisational support to healthcare professionals and their employers. In particular, the company seeks to improve the personal and professional behaviour of doctors and other healthcare professionals and to help employers develop cultures and systems which support good personal conduct, behaviour and development in their clinical staff.